The Moderations feature allows you to moderate debates so that they are democratic and constructive.

Using this functionality, administrators, collaborators or the moderator of a process can hide the contents / contributions that have been reported, when the complaint is considered relevant, or undo the complaint.

In general, reportable content is considered offensive content, may be considered spam (advertising posts related or not related to the topic of debate, links to malicious web pages, trolling , abusive or unwanted information), or are not related to the topic of discussion.

To manage the reported content, click Moderations in the process submenu. A screen appears with all the comments that have been reported pending moderation and the following information for each:

  • Type: if it is a proposal or a comment .
  • Reported content URL: link where you can see the reported content and the motivations that led you to report it.
  • Complaints: why it has been reported. It can be: because it is not related to the topic of discussion (“ does_not_belong” ), it is spam or it is an offensive comment (“ o ffensive” ).
  • Count: Number of times it has been reported by different users.
  • Actions: by clicking on the icons on the right you can Undo Complaint or Hide .

 image095.png Figure 1. Moderations