First, fill in the fields with general information about the process (Figure 1).

Fig. 1. New participatory process

Title: enter the name of the participatory process. Remember that the platform includes, in addition to Catalan, Spanish and Aranese. You must fill in the information in these languages.

Subtitle .

Short URL name: identifies the page where the general information about the process will be ("nomdelprocés",és).

Hashtag : label for social networks. The same one that will be used in network campaigns, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (one word).

Start Date: Select the corresponding date in the calendar, which appears when the Start Date box is clicked.

End date: select the corresponding date in the calendar.

Featured: mark if you want to highlight the process on the main page of the platform. If so, it will appear in the slider .

Brief description : maximum 600 characters, explaining the participation actions. The information in this section will be displayed on the page with an upper text body.

Description : from 1,600 characters a "Read more" is displayed.

Cover image : image associated with the participatory process that appears on the general page of processes (Figure 2) and on the main Participa page, if the Featured option has been checked (Figure 3). Minimum dimensions: 1015px wide by 667px high. It is recommended that this image does not contain text. Text appears when fields are edited.

Banner image : image for all pages of the process, it is published at the top of the pages, from left to right (Figure 15). Minimum dimensions: 1200px wide by 300px high. It is recommended that this image does not contain text. Text appears when fields are edited.

Suggestion box : enter an email (if you want).

To whom it is addressed : indicate to whom the participatory process is addressed. If there are specific groups, indicate them.

Scope : Leave the skill scope and participatory scope tabs blank.

Participatory scope : explanation of the margin or decision limits that citizens will have in this process.

Participatory structure : promoter group, monitoring committee, working group, entities that will participate in the various workshops and meetings of the participatory process.

Group of processes : in the case of a participatory process, indicate the process. In the event that it was a participation in regulations, indicate regulations. This will be used to indicate the participative tool it is about and that it is displayed in one or another tab of the portal.

Department : identify the department promoting the process.

Topic : indicate the topic by which the participatory process would be classified (these are topics based on the topics configured in the instance).

Type : You only need to indicate which type it is if you have chosen Regulatory Participation in Process Group. If this is a participatory process, leave it blank.

Show statistics: check if you want to show the statistics of the process (number of sessions, proposals received, etc.) on the main page of the process.

Fig. 13. Example image of participatory processes

Fig. 14. Featured image on main page

Fig. 15. Phases of the process

To finish, click Create . You can see how all this information will be displayed by clicking the Preview icon that corresponds to the process.

To finish configuring the process, in the window with the list of processes, click on the project name. The window opens with general information about the process and, on the left, the submenu of the process appears, through which you can configure the phases of the process, the functionalities, the categories, the people who use the process, the moderations and the attached information.