To configure participatory service processes, click Processes on the Control Panel . A list of existing processes will appear (Figure 1).


FIG. 1. Participatory processes

For each of the processes, the creation date is displayed, whether it is published or not, and the following actions are allowed, by clicking on the corresponding icons: duplicate the process, configure it and preview how it will look once published.

You can edit the process information by clicking the Configure icon or by clicking on the process name.

To create a new process, click Duplicate or New in the Participatory Processes submenu or at the top right of the window (Figure 2).


FIG. 2. Participatory processes

The screen where you need to write the general information about the process opens (Figure 3). The configuration of the process (phases, users, functionalities, etc.) is done through the process submenu, which appears when a process is clicked on the process list screen (Figure 4). This submenu is to the left of the process window.


FIG. 3. Configuration of the participatory process


FIG. 4. Participatory process configuration submenu