A participatory process will be reflected in the Participate portal in different phases, each with a predefined start and end date at the beginning, with the aim of making citizens clear at what time the process is and how they can participate in it. every moment.

As a guide, the standard structure of a participatory process can be: information phase, citizen participation phase, results collection phase (first return), evaluation and monitoring phase (second return).

To configure the process phases, click Process Phases in the participatory process submenu, and then click New . The New participatory process phase window opens (Figure 1).


FIG. 1. Creation of phases of the participatory process

For each of the phases, it is necessary to write:



Start date and End date

Once done, click Create .

To activate the phase in which the process is, in the process submenu  click Process Phases . The window opens where all the phases of the process have been configured and the icons that allow to activate , edit and delete each one. Click Activate in the appropriate phase (Figure 2). Please note that the phase change is not automatic and you should be aware of this aspect.


FIG. 2. Phases of the participatory process

Users will be able to view the different phases and descriptions that have been configured, by clicking View phases (in the flag image, on the right). The phase that is active will be highlighted marked in red (Figure 3).


FIG. 3. How the user visualizes the phases of the participatory process